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Аккаунт дня: Австралийский художник создает самые странные портреты звезд

26.03.2018 07:45

@champagnepapi fan art. Sorry I haven’t been posting lately but yous wouldn’t believe it. I was kidnaped by the illuminaughty AGAIN! This time they sent there elite tracker Fetty wap after me! It’s pretty much impossible to escape fetty. Since he’s missing an eye his other senses are far greater then the average human beans. He can hear 10x better then a dog, can smell a drop of blood in 1000 meters of water and he can also fly. He captured me and took me back the the illuminaughty prison when I got there I was suprised to see how bad they were treating poor fetty. The kardashian family were laughing at him teasing his eye and at one point I think Donald trump spat on him. I came up with the idea to persuade fetty to free me. It’s very hard to communicate with him he doesn’t know many words so I had to use his language. I got his attention he came over to me. I asked him fetty do you like it here? “Yerrr babouy” he replied! “You don’t have to work for these evil people you can come with me on adventures for rare inks and papers 1738” he got excited he’s dreads started waging “zoo gang” he replied. “Ok bud help me get out of here remmy boys yeah yaa” I said. He turned around and let out a super sonic “SQUAAAA” it was worse then a flash bang grenade the whole kardashian family’s ass implants exploded in sync and their lips fell off! I hopped on fettys back And we flew off into the sunset

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В сети набирает популярность аккаунт австралийского художника по имени Кори. Молодой человек выкладывает в своем профиле Instagram портреты звезд, которые очень отдаленно напоминаю свои прототипы.

На страницу Кори подписалось больше 155 тысяч человек. И все радио того чтобы посмотреть на не совсем обычных звезд. В коллекции художника уже 315 работ: среди них Джастин Бибер, Снуп Дог, Ники Минаж, Ферги, Эминем, Вупи Голдберг и многие другие.

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Все работы парень выполняет обычной шариковой ручкой, при этом у них есть определенный стиль: рисунки выглядят детскими, за счет этого Кори добивается наиболее комического эффекта.

@hairweavekiller (2chainz) fan art. For this piece I was after a very rare ink so rare it can only be found at the top of an active volcano in the small town of papa New Guinea pig. I arrived and was greeted by my Sherpa Marauta, who would guide me to the top of the volcano. He told me legends about a demi god that guarded the ink, I thought he was telling fibs to try and scare me. I was wrong. It took us 3 gruelling weeks to climb the volcano. When we got to the top the temperature reached 200 degrees! The pen ink was protected by obsidian and everyone knows obsidian can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe! Marauta handed me the pickaxe and i mined for 2 days straight until reaching the ink! When I finally got to it the volcano flared up, the ground started shaking lava was everywhere and the demi god that went by the name Craig appeared. He told me that I had awoken him from his slumber and he was gonna cover the island with lava killing everyone! H said the only way to stop it was to feed the volcano with human life. I knew what had to be done. The ultimate sacrifice. I stood at the edge of the volcano, it was so hot! I closed my eyes, leaned forward and threw Marauta in the volcano. I done it! I saved the whole island and got the pen ink. Marauta left behind 14 kids and a wife. I hope they are doing well

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