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Serge FALCON ft. SABINA — Wrong Man

NEW TRACK: Serge FALCON ft. SABINA - Wrong Man

Текст песни

Wrong Man

Think that you can take me
Oh i doubt it
Baby you are demonstrating
All your power
Frankly i must say that i dont even care
I see that your trying
Kinda akward
Sorry i have to deny it
Your commercial
Doesnt work for me
So baby im afraid
You cant break me down
Cause you cant play me now
I wont cause you this pleasure
Your not my chief
Oh baby,You go on and measure
Who is in your league

Funny i can see you crystal clear
Thats why it's obvieous to me
That your not clean
So travel to your past and you will understand
Oh baby you forgot,but i remember
So i think you better stop
I wont surrender
I dont think i will follow you again

Yes i could give up
Yes i could give in
If i were younger
If i were silly
Yes i would love you
Yes i woud be close
If i could trust you
But you dont deserve
I could release me
But i cant believe
That you will change i dont wanna hurt again
Your a wrong man

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