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Текст песни What It Is — The BLACK EYED PEAS

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
A freaky-dicky yo (All the time baby) -- (4x)
Uh, how you feelin y'all (I'm feelin fine) -- (4x)
A freaky-dicky yo (All the time baby) -- (2x)
Uh, how you feelin y'all (I'm feelin fine) -- (2x)
Yo, this is the way it's goin down
We come in compound releasin double-rounds in hound
Like Keith ?Senses? you defend techniques and on match
When I begin to draw back, cover up your cardiac
'Cause I'ma rush ya, when I penetrate feel the pressure
The critical perfectionist, rhythmic expressionist
We comin deadly y'all ever in
And you'll be scared to pick the mic up again
Lyrically you on the level of "Green, Eggs and Ham"
Your best bet is fold 'cause I gots a bigger hand
Plus I'm steppin like a monster so go-go and scram
You ain't experienced, you lucky if you ride the ambulance
'Cause when you dealin with fool Will is quite fatal
Shape-shiftin rubbers like Play Dough
Your rhymes are anal and we ain't got no time to play
No games, put the mic down, boy, try not to say no
More than rhymes 'cause you duplicate like Kinkos
You're a carbon copy with the wrinkles
You actin like a nigga that be rhymin in a Pringle commercial
But you can wear it in rehearsal
No need to front, that's what it is
I gotta get into you
Oh, I gotta show you what it is
Gotta get into you
Strong communicator called the Black Eyed Peas
Hard illustrator co-coordinate with ease
And duplicator crew, we put em all on freeze
Lock em in the cell, then throw away the keys
Another lost identity in disease
Entity with a so-called MC enemies
Will decrease when I step into your sceneries
Of course now you off course lost up in the source
I'm running out of time, this no time for no scrimmage
Aristorate the diamonds and replace it with the real image
Picture that, I know where I'm at
I know where I'm going and I'll be back
With a stronger impact lyrics be intact
Get you intoxicated when black attack
With the full-force pressure, hard to measure
On a rate, whack MC's won't prevail
On a dream of makin dream braggin about infrared beams
But it seems all they really pullin is pullin them schemes
I take it back to the essense of hip-hop
Never will I stop with my beat-box
Can you feel it
Hmm, I gotta get into you
Oh, I'm gonna show you what it is
I wanna get into you
No need to front, that's what it is
I gotta get into you
No need to front, that's what it is
I wanna get into you

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