The GAME ft. 50 CENT — How We Do

NEW TRACK: The GAME ft. 50 CENT - How We Do

Текст песни

This is how we do
We make a move and act a fool
While we up in the club
This is how we do
Nobody do it like we do it so show
Us some love
Fresh like unh inpala unh
Chrome hydwaulics bob Drums
You don't wan't none
Nigga betta run
When feel on I'll pop that Drum
Come get some pistal grip pump
If a nigga step on my while air
Ones since red rumReady here I come Comphon unh
Dre found me is the slums
Sellin that shunk one hand on my gun
I was sellin rocks when
Master pware saying "Unh"!
Bitch pass the blunt
These G-Unit girls just wanna have fun
Coke and rum Got weed on the ton
I'm banding with my handup her dress like
I'll make her cum purple have in my lungs
Whole gang in the front case
A nigga wanna stunt
I put a Lambargini doors on my ES-CO-LADE
I'll Pro so look like I'm Riding on blands
In one year mang a nigga's so paid
I have a straight bitch in the
Telly goin both ways
Touch me, teas me, kiss me, please me,
I gave it to ya jaust how you like it girl
You know I'm racking with the best
Tree pound on my hip
Tetlon on chest
They say I'm no good
Cur I'm so hood
Rich folks do not want me around
Cur stit night pop off and if shit pop off
Somebody gon get laid the fuch out
They call me new money
Say I have no
I'm from the bo thorm, I came up too fast
The tell of I care, I'm just here
to get my eash
Bougie as bitchis you can kiss my uss

Nit one switch mong that as so low
Cali got nigger in New Your
Riding on hundred spokes
Touch me, teas me, kiss me, please me
I give it to ya just how you like it girl
You know I'm rakin with the best
Fo' pound on my hip
Gold Chain on my chest
50 voh!
Bently voh
Em came N Gotta nigga fresh
Out the slum Automatic gun
Fuch Em one-on one
We wrap up ya punk ass stunt
N'ga done,Home it's game time
You ready? Here I come
Call loyd banks and get this
Mother Fucker Crunk!
It took two month
But 50 got it done
Signed with G-UNIT
Had Niggar like " Huh"?
Don't try to front
I'll leave yo! Ass slutmped
Thinking I'm a punk
Get your Fucking head, dumped
50 got a gun

Ready here he came
Gotta sick Vendetta
To get this Ghedda
Meet my ba Retta
The Dra-ma Setta
Sip Am-A Retta
That Average
In trucks I'm A savego
I gamege
Any Nigga Trying to Front
On my Cligue (G-UNIT)

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