Американский повар приготовил самый ужасный пирог

13.08.2018 17:50

SWIPE to see the details!! I was gonna wait until I tried a few more techniques, textures, and themes, but I get too excited sometimes and just have to share with you guys! I think it would be a conservative guess to say 381,000,000 people have either sent this to me in messages, posted it on my wall, or tagged me in the post. So I absolutely want to MAKE SURE that full credit for this brilliant concept goes to @itcamefromundermybed for her insane special FX face pies... I didn’t want to replicate her style directly, and well, this is not a prop, so some of the textures and design elements are not as easy for me to achieve with pie dough, but as someone pretty cool recently mentioned to me, “I feel like pie is having a moment”, (and if you doubt that, look no further than @thepieous and get ready to be in awe!) you KNOW I had to jump on this deservedly viral idea. By the way, @sugarworksco #SugarShapers work amazingly well with pie dough too! Here’s what I think you should probably do...snag one of those insane props from her (tell her I sent ya!) so you can keep it forever....and while you’re at it, snag one of these crazies from me, so you can have your pie.....and eat it too! I have more to show you with different aesthetics, effects, themes, and flavors....this was my first attempt so I hope to bring you something better, but I had fun playing with textures, scars, warts, coloring, and YES, even EDIBLE gnarly, bloody clumps of hair. The flavor of this specific pie is Mint Cherry and it is already spoken for, but if you want to get your hands on one, message me soon because I only plan to make a limited amount of them. So, What do you think? Would you eat it?? #halloween #eatyourface #facepie #edibleart #spooky #scary #creepy #peoplepie

Публикация от Andrew Fuller (@guymeetscake) 7 Авг 2018 в 3:05 PDT


Кондитер Эндрю Фуллер разместил в своем аккаунте фотографию пирога, которая шокировала многих его подписчиков. Блюдо выглядит как маска из фильма ужасов: с глазами, наполненными кровавыми слезами, грязными волосами, шрамами и с бородавками. При этом вкус у такого странного десерта мятно-вишневый. Фуллер сообщил, что это ограниченная серия пирогов и призвал подписчиков не бояться их заказывать.

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