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Обложка трека 'SHAGGY & CHAKA KHAN - Get My Party On'

SHAGGY Get My Party On

Ya-ya man, 
I just got my hair braided, 
car waxed, put on my player face,
It's 12 o'clock, 
it's time to get it on, 
hey yo chaka.

Midnight to fair I'm seemin, squeemin, 
armed with the franklins wheelin, dealin,
Got a damsel I'm peepin, 
not for the keepin ah oh, pagers beepin.
When I'm out there seekin, creepin, 
chicken heads weaken your girl I be freakin,
Since your man, he be sleepin, 
girl stop your weepin, 
later we be raisin the ceilin.

Oh-oh-oh, I get my party on (party on) 
until the early morn (early morn),
I get my party on (yo), 
we gonna party til the break of dawn.

Mommy with the thick thighs, 
curvy on the hips, gotta broad tongue type,
Baby you the shhhh, here to give a good time.
Pickin up your corsage later in the pulmaride, 
your the player's pick,
Rollin with the big dogs, hangin with my clique.
Punk you betta think twice, 
you don't wanna trip, put away your pistols,
Sip up on this crystal,
catch up on the in style, watch em hunnies there.


Hot chicks and fish net stockins, 
fake breast and tummy tuckin,
Low rider jeans are rockin, 
know who the dudes be cockin, 
hot cars and roads be block n.
We ball so girls be flockin, 
a lot a cherries poppin,
Upstairs where boots be knockin.


So come on and party with me, 
ain't no better place you could be,
When we come, stop the party, 
can't nobody do it like me.
So come on and party with me, 
ain't no better place you could be,
Loosen up and set yourself free, 
take a chance right here, you'll see.

Chorus x 2