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Обложка трека 'John KAREN - It's Alright'

John KAREN It's Alright

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Don`t you worry, cos it`s alright
Don`t you worry, child of the night
Cos in the morning,
Come with the new day sun
Love - an everlasting light

We are the seed of the new breed
We`ll succeed our time has come
We are the new
These words are true
Let the light of love shine through
It`s alright (X 3)
It`s really alright
It`s alright
It`s really alright

Alright, alright
Everything`s gonna be alright (x 3)
Alright, alright it`s ready alright

No don`t be so sad
Cos love is by your side
No don`t be so sad
Cos life is 2 short 2 live
No don`t be so sad
I`ll be mad if you`re this
It`s alright
The message that I give

Listen 2 me
Dreams can come true
Call out 2 love
It will answer you
4 get your trouble and smile
Let your heart speak awhile
Let the light of love shine through

Take your nightmare
Change 2 dream
Flow in the rhythm like a stream
Fear no evil, fear no man
Open up the mind
And the beats goes bam
Rhythm rolling, running smooth
Just like a little love
Sent 2 soothe
Ease the pressure, let it all go
Don`t be afraid let the feeling flow