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Обложка трека 'Sean PAUL - She Doesnt Mind'

Sean PAUL She Doesnt Mind

Ouuh Ouuh
Ouuh Ouuhuuo
Ouuh Ouuh
Girl I got you so high
And I know you like
So come on push it up .. eeeh
If it feels allright
Well u drop it low and bring me up
No , She Doesn’t mind , ay
She Doesn’t mind , ay
She doesn’t mind
Girl I got you so !
[Verse 1]
Push it back pon it
Bring it back pon it
Give me the thing
Beca me wan fi lock pon it
wind it
Wiggle it
Set the track pon it
Two more shot
And we nah hot pon it
Two girl and they ready to jump pon it
Two to my word an me ready fi top pon it
Ready fi run pon it
Ready fi down pon it
Tagteaming fire truck we pump pon it
Hands up High
We burning up the sky
We got the dance all (DanceHall?) crazy
We got the club on fire
I like the way you dance
You got me in her trans
My baby she don’t mind at all !
[Chorus x2]
[Verse 2]
Wine if You Wine It Girl
Same time I times she I time it girl
Same time I line mi aline mi top for course stained
Prime mi a prime it girl
Is nah a crime ima claim it girl
Set thi temperature to claim it girl
Check the rhyme a mi a rhyme
She combine it
This approve a private world !
[Chorus x2]
[Verse 3]
Aint gonna be shy about it
Aint telling no lie girl a ma
Any more, any more
Any more, any more
Im breaking it down for the night and
I want you to go for the ride and
We need all we need all
We need all we need all !
(lets Goo))
Ouuh Ouuh
Ouuh Ouuhuuo(she Don’t Mind Girl)
Ouuh Ouuh