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Текст песни I Ain't Mad At Cha — 2PAC

Change... shit,
I guess change is good for any of us
Whatever it takes
For any of ya'll niggas to get up out tha hood
Shit, i'm with ya
I ain't mad at cha
Got nothin' but love for ya
Do your thing boy

Yeah, all the homies that i ain't talked to in awhile
I'm a send this out to y'all
Know what i mean ?
Cuz, i ain't mad at cha
Heard all of y'all
Tearing up shit out there
Kickin' up dust
Givin' a mutha-fuck
Yeah, niggas
Cuz, i ain't mad at cha

Now, we were once two niggas of the same kind
Quick to holla at a hoochie with the same line
You were just a little smaller
But you still rolled
Got stressed the [?wide eight?]
And hit the hood stroll
Remember when ya had a jerry curl ?
Didn't quite learn
On the block
With ya glock
Trippin' of sherm
Collect calls to the tip
Sayin' how ya changed
Oh you a muslim now
No more dope game
Heard you might be coming home
Just got bail
Wanna go to the mosque
Don't wanna chase tail
I seems i lost my little homie
He's a changed man
Hit the penn
Now, no sinnin' is the game plan
When i talk about money
All you see is the struggle
When i tell ya, i'm livin' large
You tell me, its trouble
Congratulation on the wedding
I hope your wife know
She got a playa for life
And that's no bullshitin'
I know we grew apart
You probably don't remember
I usta fiend for your sister
But never went up in her
And i can see us after school
We'd bomb on the first mutha-fucka
With tha wrong shit on
And now, the whole shits changed
And we don't even kick it
Got a big money scheme
And you ain't even with it
Knew in my heart
You were the same mutha-fucka bad
Go toe to toe when it's time to roll
You got a brothas back
And i can't even trip
Cause i'm just laughin' at ya
You tryin' hard to maintain
And go ahead
Cuz, i ain't mad at cha

Chorus -- danny boy
I ain't mad at cha
(i ain't mad at cha)
I ain't mad at cha

We used to be like distant couzins
Fightin', playin' dozins
Whole nieghborhood buzzin'
Knowin' that we was wasn't
Usta catch us on the roof
Or behind the stairs
I'm gettin' blitz
On all the time we shared
Bumpin' n' grindin'
Was nothin' on our mind
In time we learned
To live a life of crime
Rewind us back
To a time
Was much to young, to know
I caught a felony
Lovin' the way the guns blow
And even thou we seperated
You said that you wait
Don't give nobody no coochie
While i'll be locked up state
I kiss my mama good bye
Wipe, the tears from her lonely eyes
Said, that i'll return
But i gotta fight
The bitch that ride
Don't shed a tear
Cuz, mama i ain't happy here
I'm through trails
And no more smiles
For a couple a years
They got me goin' mad
I'm knocking brothas on their backs
In my cell
Thinkin' hell
I know one day i'll be back
As soon as i touch down
I told my girl i'll be there
So prepare
To get fucked down
The homies wanna kick it
But i'm just laughin' at ya
Cuz, you is a down ass bitch
And i ain't mad at cha

Chorus -- danny boy
I ain't mad at cha
(i ain't mad at cha)
I ain't mad at cha
(but your a down ass bitch, and i ain't mad at cha)

Well guess who's moving up ?
This niggas ballin' now
Bitches be callin' to get it
Hookers keep fallin' down
He went from nothin' to alot
Ten karets the spot
He went from a nobody nigga
To the big man on the block
He's mister local celebrity
Addicted to move a key
Most hated by enemy
Escaping the luxury
See, first you was our nigga
But you made it
So the choice is made
Now we gotta slay you
While you faded
In the younger days
So full of pain while the weapons blaze
Gettin' so high off the bomb
Hopin' we can make it
To the better dayz
Cuz, crime pays
And in time
You'll find a rhyme
That'll blaze you'll feel the fire
From the niggas in my younger dayz
So many changed on me
So many tried to plot
That i keep a glock
Beside my haaand
When will it stop ?
'till god return me to my essence
Cuz, even as a adolecents
I refuse to be a convalescent
So many questions,
And they ask me if i'm still down
I moved up out of the ghetto
So i ain't real now ?
They got so much to say
But i'm just laughin' at ya
You niggas just don't know
But i ain't mad at cha

Chorus -- danny boy
I ain't mad at cha
(i ain't mad at cha)
I ain't mad at cha
(hell naw, i ain't mad at cha)
I ain't mad at cha
(and i ain't mad at cha)
I ain't mad at cha
(i ain't mad at cha)
I ain't mad at cha
I ain't mad at chaaaaahhhhh

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